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At Brain Mind Wellness, we help you upgrade your hardware (Brain) and software (Mind) to achieve Transformational Wellness.

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A Unique Approach to Harness the Power of Your Brain and Mind

Our mission at Brain Mind Wellness is to facilitate positive changes and empower lives. We seek to help our clients from all walks and seasons of life develop a healthier brain, a healthier mind and a happier existence through research-based, holistic and natural methods.

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Healthy Brain, Healthy Mind

Let’s upgrade your hardware (brain) and your software (mind) to achieve transformational wellness.


Neurofeedback is a safe, non-invasive, drugless approach to train your brain. Transform unhealthy, unregulated brainwave patterns into normal, healthy, organized ones.


Hypnotherapy is guided hypnosis that utilizes extreme concentration, relaxation, and intense focus. It’s used to help find your inner resources & achieve your desired outcomes.

Life Coaching

Our W.O.W. coaching program provides you with the tools to transform you into your best self. Our 8 focus areas are Self, Mind, Brain, Body, Past, Now, Vision and Transcendence.

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Research Test

Hypnotherapy – Academic Self-Efficacy

Research Test

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Hypnotherapy – Academic Self-Efficacy

31 participants in the immediate-treatment group were exposed to hypnosis with suggestions intended to build academic self-efficacy and taught to use the provided suggestions. The comments provided from participants show evidence of a positive effect obtained from the use of self- hypnosis and the utilization of hypnosis as a tool. At the end of the […]